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quick! who knows how to get a chick out of a VCR?

so i tried a hand at being mad at Ruth for a while, but alas, i've failed again. i'm just not good at being consistantly mad at people, like i'll be mad, then i'll forget and like tell a joke, or smile or something, then later remember i'm supposed to be mad. thats kinda what happened, t'day. i was sitting in the library and she appears like i knew she would, and i expected to hear something like "whats wrong with you?" of "what happened to you?" but she threw me off with an apology, i didnt quite expect that, and i really didnt know what to say, so i just stared off into the computer, giving her some "yeah"s and "um"s and then she said she was sorry, and ran away. i was okay until then, but then i had to go and ask her why it was ok for her to steal cheese and not for me to steal the metric clock, it just went downhill from there, and i ended up laughing at something.

i'm really not good at the whole anger thing.
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