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"My diegnosis? Bad Babysitting"

This Summer I Didn't:

1.Travel further than South Center mall.

2.Get any sort of tan.

3.Go swimming.

4.Go Hiking.

5.Go fishing.

6.Go Camping.

7.Eat any sort of barbeque.

8.Get any bug bites.

9.Learn anything interesting.

10.Make new friends.

11.Hang out w/friend(s) on more than 3 seperate occasions.

12.Spend quality time with any member of my family.

13.Visit Relatives

14.Change out of my PJ's for an entire week.

15.Do any exercise whatsoever.

16.Accomplish much of anything.

This Summer I did:
1.Become almost completely nocturnal.

2. Read 3 books: (the gypsy game, me talk pretty one day and k is for killer)

3.Spend time with my boyfriend.

4.Accomplished the amazing feat of sleeping till 4:30 pm

5.Stayed up to at least 2:00

6.Met and got to go on the tour bus of Static-X

7.Met and became friends with Lady J of Kittie.

8.Gained weight but lost it all from starvation.

9.Played my bass till my fingers bled.

10.Worked on my website.

11.Made friends with a kitten.

12.Wrote on live journal.

Needless to say this has been a most productive summer.
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